Mentalien - Live at Friday, A38 - 01-07-2016

Wow, the latest episode of the Friday-series was pure fun! It felt like all the necessary elements were there for a perfect party on the 1st of July: hot summer weather, lots of friends, a few glasses of mojito cocktails, good vibes and loud drum&bass music. Here's the recording of my late afternoon liquid funk and soulful dnb selection, enjoy! :)

Mentalien - Live at Friday, A38 - 01-07-2016
Download | Stream at soundcloud.com/mentalien


Calibre - Stranger - Exit
Redeyes - What She Wants - Vandal
Flaco - El Raton - Co-Lab
Villem & Mcleod ft. Riya - Dance With Me - Spearhead
Calibre - Peso - Signature
FD - Still The Same - Spearhead
Lurch ft. Collette Warren & T.R.A.C. - Count The Days - Intrigue
Random Movement - Goblin Jazz Banquet - Citrus
Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze (RIP J Dilla) - Creative Source
Skitty - Sexy Sally - Ako Beatz
Calibre ft. DJ Marky - Amen Tune - Signature
Hugh Hardie & Silence Groove - City Soul - Hospital
Mark System ft. Youngman - Hold It - Digital Soundboy
Total Science - Respect Due - C.I.A.
Blade - Moments & Memories (Random Movement rmx) - Flight Pattern
Total Science - Soul For Sale - Metalheadz
Koop - Summer Sun (Carlito vocal mix) - Stimulus
DJ Marky - Medusa - Innerground
NC17 ft. Rms & Dcision - Mortal Relapse - 36 Hertz
D.Kay & Kasra - Babylon - Brigand
Fracture - Makin' Hype Tracks - Exit
Roni Size - Snapshot (Swindle rmx) - Full Cycle
Ticklish - Lost - Beat Machine

Photos taken by Solarian


Mentalien - 160170MIX Vol. 2+3

My new series, called 160170MIX is back with not one, but two new sets! I've been racking my brain about the sequel since I came out with the first episode, but it took a lot of time for me to start working on it for various personal reasons. About two months ago I started to figure out what tunes I'd like to put in the new mix, over time I added more and more great songs and realised this whole process grew out to be a kind of big project. This is where I decided to do something unusual: I recorded two mixes the same day and I'm releasing them on the same day. Just like the first episode of the series, the sequels are focusing on the experimental side of drum&bass, where the boundaries are completely blurred, genres become just a tempo and anything can happen. There are a lot of similarities in the two mixes, most of the tunes are influenced by juke, footwork, jungle, hip-hop, grime and funk, but I'd say Volume 2 is a mix where the mellow vibes dominate, while Volume 3 is the one where things get a bit more darker.  The mixes are featuring big favorites of mine, released mostly in the past few weeks and months, from artists like Richie Brains (aka Alix Perez, Stray, Chimpo, Fracture, OM Unit, Sam Binga and Fixate), Zed Bias, Sully, D-Bridge, Skeptical, J:Kenzo, etc.

To bring back a bit of mistery, I won't add a tracklist this time. If you read D-Bridge's blog post about tracklists, you'll understand why I do this (if not, click here to read it now). I strongly agree with his thoughts, but I don't want be mean, so it's completely okay to ask for IDs, or you can try to use Shazam alternatively. ;)

Mentalien - 160170MIX Vol. 2

Mentalien - 160170MIX Vol. 3

I'm dedicating this project to my love, my partner, my best friend and my biggest fan, Laci. RIP, miss you a lot. 


New radio residency in 2016: Tilos Radio!

As some of you might know already, I've been asked by DJ Ren recently to share the residency with her on Dzsungel Konyve radio show, one of the longest running drum&bass, jungle, bass and electronic music show on Hungary's famous community station, Tilos Radio. It's a real honor and I'm really glad I can take part of this show, and obviously it's great to know there is another channel where I can showcase the music I believe in. Below you can listen back to the few shows I did already. Don't forget to listen to the show live every second Tuesday from 10pm till midnight on https://tilos.hu/ or if you live in or around Budapest, tune in to FM 90.3! 

Mentalien @ Dzsungel Konyve, Tilos Radio, 08.03.2016
(drum&bass / jungle set, runs between 00-58 mins)
Download | Stream

Mark Archer - Ebony
Fracture - Acid Claps
Sully - Helios
Breakbeat Era - Breakbeat Era
Skeptical - Parallax
Calibre - Blazin
DJ Madd - Duppy
Sam KDC & Untouchables - Alliance
Calibre - Dream Of You
Cujo & Jenna G - No Way
Need For Mirrors - Monument
Basic Operations - Revolution
Mr Joseph - Real Talk
Random Movement - Future Fondler
Lynx - Sleazy
Shy FX - Bambaata
Mikal - Wilderness

Mentalien @ Dzsungel Konyve, Tilos Radio 05.04.2016
(bass / drum&bass set, runs between 00-56 mins)
Download | Stream

Paul Woolford - No Requests (Special Request Fantasy Fm rmx) - Running Back
Borai - Ohm Trax - Hotline
Aden - Hass - Ultramajic
Luca Lozano - Calling All Dancers - Hypercolour
Diemantle - Rave Timez - Gutterfunk
Riffs - Don't Leave Ur Girl Round Me - Void Space
Deadboy & Murlo - Squeeze - DBM
Royal-T - Shotta (Kahn and Neek rmx) - Butterz
Sam Binga & OM Unit - Windmill Kick
Hyroglifics - No Drama - Critical
Moresounds - Reality Tune - Atsrophonica
DJ Madd - Rum Punch - Cosmic Bridge
Zed Bias - Hipbounce - Exit
The Duke Of Juke - Jukin Bird - Anus Records
Moresounds - Gwan Fire - 31
Fracture & Deft - I Just - Exit
Zed Bias - Fever - Exit
Beat Spacek - I Wanna Know (Dbridge rmx) - Ninja Tune
Special Request Fantasy Fm outro

Mentalien b2b DJ Ren - Friday warm-up @ Dzsungel Konyve, Tilos Radio 03.05.2016
(liquid funk / drum&bass set, 112 mins)
Download | Stream

Spectrasoul - Glimpse (Ivy Lab rmx) - Shogun
Response - Let's Pretend - Commercial Suicide
Sinistarr ft Grimm - Don't Slow Down - Widad
Skeptical - Parallax - Exit
Ed:It - Long Time - Deep Kut
Calibre - Spirit Catcher - Signature
Random Movement - Future Fondler - Flight Pattern
Etherwood ft S.P.Y - We're Nothing Without Love (Ivy Lab rmx) - Med School
Coma & Semitone - System - Flexout Audio
Mark System - You Gave Up My Love - Warm Communication
Total Science - Soul For Sale - Metalheadz
Random Movement - Yes You Are - Flight Pattern
Alix Perez - Losing You - Exit
Commix - Generations - Metalheadz
Spectrasoul - SM1 - Ish Chat
Calibre ft Marky - Amen Tune - Signature
Breakage - Roller - Digital Soundboy
Zero T ft Steo - Too Close To See - Integral
Ed:It & Pennygiles - Set Theory (Ulterior Motive rmx) - C.I.A.
Kasper & Satl - Mr. Funky - Fokuz
Adam F - Circles (dRamatic & dbAudio Unofficial rmx)
Chroma - Cuttthroat - CIA
Future Cut - Whiplash (Alix Perez rmx) - Remegade Hardware
Fracture - Makin' Hype Tracks - Exit
Soul Intent - Love Me - Dope Plates
J:Kenzo - Skatta - Cosmic Bridge
Stayhigh - Never Forget - Modern Ruin
Command Strange - Watcha Doin' - Liquid V
Digital & Total Science - Catch - Function
Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Ghetto Drama - Innerground
T>I - Funk You - Co-lab
K Jah & Dazee - Dig This - Ruffneck Ting
The Vanguard Project - Blacklist - Spearhead
Calibre - Latin Ways - Signature

Mentalien - Tilos Maraton warm-up @ Dzsungel Konyve, Tilos Radio 31.05.2016
(uk garage / bass set, runs between 00-56 mins)
Download | Stream

K-Lone - Broke - Wisdom Teeth
EVM128 - Realtime - Studio Rockers
Brian Chambers - Deep, Deep, Down - Main Ingredient
Brunks - Ain't No Stoppin' Us - WX/WL
K-Lone - Crunch - Badimup
Kumarachi - 11 - Slapfunk
Locklead - Take One - Unknown To The Unknown
Artist Formerly Known as P.P. - You Get Me Everytime - Mixin Potions
Martyn - EF40 - Dolly Dubs
Lamont - Far Away (Zed Bias' Dirty Dub) - Durkle Disco
Locklead - Diversity - Unknown To The Unknown
Anil Aras - Shake Dat Ass - Hot Haus Recs
Lil Silva - Drumatic - Good Years
Champion & Melé - Radio Babylon - Formula
Youngstar - Formula 2 - White Peach
Impey - 4titude - Sector 7 Sounds
Royal T - Shotta (Kahn + Neek rmx) - Butterz
Murlo - Furnace - Mixpak


My gigs in 2015

Looking through the list of my gigs in 2015 makes me realise how great this year was for me musically. Unexpectedly I was invited to play drum&bass in Slovakia two times (!), both gigs in Kosice and Bratislava were a great experience, and my first two gigs in this country actually. I was lucky enough to play my favorite music alongside artists like DJ Marky, Marcus Intalex, DRS, Technimatic, Eton Messy, Seba, London Elektricity, Dynamite MC, etc. Got to mention the Friday afternoons at A38 ship, those gigs were the highlights of my summer for sure. I was really happy that I was able to play proper garage sets at Balaton Sound and Instant as well. Big ups to everyone who helped to turn my year as awesome as it was! : )

01.13. DJ Ren b2b Mentalien (Marcus Intalex warm-up) @ Tilos (info)
02.02. Easy Lovin' \w Slanki @ Telep (info)
02.07. BLZ 16th Bday \w Marcus Intalex + DRS @ Tesla (info)
02.13. Room8 Season Opening @ Room8 (info)
02.14. Different Drum special \w DJ Marky @ Room8 (info)
03.14. Different Drum \w Technimatic @ Room8 (info)
04.16. Different Drum @ Lärm (info)
04.21. Friday warm-up \w DJ Ren @ Tilos Radio (info)
04.25. Volt + BLZ pres. Wilkinson @ Akvarium (info)
05.01. Friday Season Opening @ A38 (info)
05.08. Friday @ A38 (info)
05.16. Monkey6 \w Eton Messy @ Tesla (info)
06.05. Friday @ A38 (info)
06.26. Friday (DJ Ren bday) @ A38 (info)
07.03. Liquidity @ Kosice, Slovakia (info)
07.12. Balaton Sound (dnb + uk garage sets) @ Zamardi (info)
07.24. Friday @ A38 (info)
07.25. Bladerunnaz BBQ @ Durer Kert (info)
07.31. Friday (Mentalien's Bday Special) @ A38 (info)
08.15. Sziget Festival, Meex Stage @ Budapest (info)
08.21. Friday @ A38 (info)
08.22. B My Lake Festival @ Zamardi (info)
08.28. Friday @ A38 (info)
10.03. Dream:On \w Seba, Hybrid Minds, Kove @ Prlmnt (info)
10.17. You&K UK Garage Night @ Instant (info)
11.13. You&K UK Garage Night @ Instant (info)
11.14. Hospitality \w London Elektricity, Dynamite MC, Metrik @ Prlmnt (info)
11.27. Bladerunnaz Night @ Gazfroccs, Sopron (info)
11.28. Monkey6 Night @ Volt Bar, Akvarium (info)
12.05. Bike N Nite @ Ankert (info)
12.19. Basshaze @ Club Dole, Bratislava (SK) (info)


Mentalien - Live at Basshaze - Klub Dole, Bratislava 19-12-2015

My first gig in Bratislava will be a night I'll remember for a long time! This episode of Lixx's series, called Basshaze was one of those ideal drum&bass parties where everything goes smoothly and everything clicks. Klub Dole is a nice little club with a decent Funktion One soundsystem and a well-equipped DJ-booth which is not separated from the crowd more than it should be, so it's easy to get on their wavelength. Moreover, the Slovakian party people proved to be very open-minded about the music, it was refreshing to see all the positive reaction on the different sub-genres which were played during the night. First I was playing my current and all time faves by myself, but later we did a short back2back session with DJ Ren as well, during which we went a lot deeper and reached more experimental fields of dnb. You can listen to the recording of my solo mix from the night, enjoy! :)

Mentalien - Live at Basshaze - Klub Dole, Bratislava 19-12-2015
Download | Stream at soundcloud.com/mentalien or mixcloud.com/mentalien


Total Science & Maverick Soul feat. Riya & Frank H Carter III - Confessions - Spearhead
Villem - Do You I Wanna - Symmetry
Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold - C.I.A. Deep Kut
4 Hero feat. Imani Uzuri - 9 by 9 (M.I.S.T. Dub Mix) - Talkin' Loud
Friction & Total Science - Scatter - Shogun Audio
Random Movement - Yes You Are - Flight Pattern
High Contrast - Global Love - Hospital
Firefox - So Solid - Philly Blunt
Nu:Tone - Right Now - Hospital
Halogenix - Shank - Metalheadz
Optical - The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical rmx) - Metro
Enei - Two Faced - Critical
Dillinja - Why - FFRR
Think Tonk - Bury Dem - V Recordings
Billon feat. Maxine Ashley - Special (Nu:Tone VIP rmx) - Hospital
Chase & Status feat. Jenna G - In Love - Bingo Beats
DJ Hazard - Food Fight - Playaz
Rockwell feat. Hyroglifics & Sam Binga - Itsok2behapp-e - Shogun Audio
Lynx feat. Master X - Where Are You?
A-Sides & Makoto - Uplifter - Eastern Elements
Villem & Mcleod feat. Riya & Dynamite MC - Fear Bites - Spearhead
Random Movement - We've been Lost In Time (Talkin') - Innerground
Hyroglifics - Astraya - Critical