Mentalien - Into The Wild

In this mix I'm focusing on the darker, wilder more experimental and weird side of drum&bass, enjoy! ;)

Mentalien - Into The Wild
Download | Stream at mixcloud.com/mentalien


The Insiders feat. Collette Warren - Wonder Why (Break rmx) - Intrigue
Emperor - Control - Critical
Raiden - Citalopram - Tech:nology
Clarity - Constant - Exit
Nick Modern & ARX - Colour Between - Buried Audio
Skeptical feat. Collette Warren - Always Been Mine - Soul:R
Seba - Science Fiction - Secret Operations
Fracture - Better Than Tomorrow - Metalheadz
Krakota - Spin The Bottle - Hospital
Proxima - Envy - Play:Musik
Influx UK - 97 Moody - Formation
Need For Mirrors - Ambush - Chronic
Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah - Metalheadz
Sam Binga feat. Redders - Lef Dem - Critical
Need For Mirrors - Trips - Chronic
S.P.Y - Surge - Hospital
Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up mix) - Airwave Hustler
Rockwell - *)* [808] - Exit
Machinedrum - Back Seat ho (Rustie rmx) - Ninja Tune
Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk - Critical


Two drum&bass mixes from the vault

If you are a follower of my facebook and mixcloud pages, you could have seen already that I've uploaded two of my older drum&bass mixes in the past few weeks. One of them is full of male vocal music, while the other one is in a brazilian-mood. I received a lot of nice feedbacks on these mixes back in 2007, that's why I tought they're worth a re-upload. To be honest, the mixing doesn't sound very nice after so many years, but hopefully the selection of music will compensate for the dodgy transitions. ;)


Mentalien - Live at Budapest Bass Music, Corvinteto 08-02-2014

Here is my two hour long house, garage and bass music set, a live recording from the latest Budapest Bass Music night, where our guest was the mighty Zed Bias!

Mentalien - Live at Budapest Bass Music, Corvinteto 08-02-2014

Iron Galaxy - Attention Seeker - Audio Culture
DJ Haus - Feel Da Phonk - Hot Haus
Crue - Untitled B - Crue 01
Grant Nelson - Violent Bliss - Nice'N'Ripe
Chesus & The Organ Grinder - Ampulate - Lost In Translation
Zed Bias - Boss Skank - Swamp 81
Richy Ahmed feat. Kevin Knapp - The Drums - Hot Creations
Detroit Swindle - Under The Spell - Freerange
Maddslinky - It Was U - Tru Thoughts
Doc Daneeka - Electric Sandwich Rhythm - Pattern
Crue - Untitled A - Crue 03
Tony Blitz - Vodka & Valium (Crackazat Dub rmx) - Local Talk
CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand's Drum 'n Bass mix) - white
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face - Ultra
Laszlo Dancehall - Fatty Que - Man Make Music
Zed Bias - Tug - Swamp 81
Disclosure - Stimulation (Preditah rmx) - Universal
EVM128 feat. BB. James - Make Me Feel (El-B's Nova rmx) - Somethinksounds
Sunship - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It mix) - Filter
Krystal Klear feat. Jenna G - Addiction (Royal-T rmx) - Rinse
Qualifide - Ruff & Tuff (MJ Cole Cherry Vodka rmx) - Qualifide
Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige - F For You - Universal
Detroit Swindle - Unfinished Business - Freerange
Wretch 32 feat. Shakka - Blackout (T Williams rmx) - Ministry Of Sound
DJ Cra$y - I Need You (Breach rmx) - Dirtybird
Komon - So Easy - Apple Pips
Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments (Zed Bias aka Maddslinky rmx) - PMR
Blured - It's Quite - Y.C.O
Boddika - Beats Me - Nonplus
Oqiny Sigoma Band - Nyidounge Drums - Brownswood
Fraction House - Everyday - Fraction House
Greenmoney feat. Terri Walker - Feels Good (Boxwork rmx) - Greenmoney
Storm Queen - Look Right Through (MK Dub III) - Ministry Of Sound


Gigs archive and personal faves of 2013

Just like a year ago, and two years before, I'm putting a post here again, which sums up my previous year. Honestly, I didn't expect that 2013 will be as good as 2012 was... for example, not many experiences can top the awesome fact, that I had three great gigs in Germany. Despite my expectations, I had a LOT more gigs in the past twelve months than in any of the previous years, and I also re-started doing radio shows, which makes me feel quite happy. Thanks to all the promoters and DJs who were there to cause me unforgettable moments!

I've picked three mixes from the ones I did in the past year, to showcase what I was into in 2013, give them a listen if you haven't done like that so far!

Below you can see my gig list for 2013:

01.08. BBM pres. Dusky warm-up @ Tilos Radio (info)
01.12. Different Drum @ Volt Presszo, Akvarium (info)
02.01. Mentalien + Shadam allnighter @ Kolor (info)
02.02. Sub Night 2nd Bday @ Napkozi, Debrecen (info)
02.10. BBM pres. Dusky warm-up @ Together (info)
02.15. Different Drum @ Volt Presszo (Akvarium) (info)
02.16. Budapest Bass Music pres. Dusky @ Corvinteto (info)
02.19. BLZ 14th Bday warm-up @ Tilos (info)
02.23. Bladerunnaz 14th Bday @ A38 (info)
03.08. Budapest Jungle pres. Calibre @ Corvinteto (info)
03.15. Different Drum @ Volt Presszo (Akvarium) (info)
03.22. Pushin' @ Muzikum (info)
03.23. Mentalien x Shadam all night long @ Rizsa Dva Klub (info)
04.06. Budapest Bass Music pre. DJ EZ @ Corvinteto (info)
04.10. Outlook + LTJ Bukem warm-up @ Together (info)
04.19. Budapest Jungle pres. LTJ Bukem & MC Moose, MC DRS & Jenna G @ Durlin (info)
04.20. Different Drum \w Spinline @ Volt Presszo (Akvarium) (info)
04.26. Pushin' @ Muzikum (info)
04.27. Mentalien x Shadam On Tour @ Telep / Kolor (info)
05.10. Friday @ A38 (info)
05.10. Mentalien x Shadam All Night Long @ Rizsa Dva Klub (info)
05.11. Different Drum @ Volt Presszo (Akvarium) (info)
05.24. Friday @ A38 (info)
06.14. Budapest Bass Music @ Akvarium (info)
06.14. Pushin' @ Kolor (info)
06.21. Friday @ A38 (info)
06.22. 3Elements @ Thermal Music Terrace, Jaszbereny (info)
06.25. Dzsungel Konyve @ Tilos Radio (info)
07.05. Friday @ A38 (info)
07.06. mid-tempo set @ Kolor (info)
07.12. Balaton Sound (Sziget Lounge) @ Zamardi (info)
07.20. Budapest Bass Music @ Akvarium Terasz (info)
07.27. BP Jungle Summer Edition Vol. 2. @ Corvinteto (info)
08.03. BLZ + ML pres. Lenzman @ A38 (info)
08.09. B My Lake Colosseum @ Sziget Festival (info)
08.16. Friday @ A38 (info)
08.16. Deepbeats @ Zold Pardon (info)
08.30. Friday @ A38 (info)
08.31. Budapest Bass Music @ Akvarium (info)
08.31. Pushin' @ Kolor (info)
09.13. Friday @ A38 (info)
09.14. Different Drum @ Gozsdu Mano Klub (info)
09.18. Pushin' @ Kolor (info)
09.29. Live stream @ Together (info)
10.05. BBM pres. Boddika @ Corvinteto (info)
10.11. Different Drum @ Gozsdu Mano Klub (info)
11.08. Different Drum @ Gozsdu Mano Klub (info)
11.09. BBM pres. Melé + Slick Don @ Corvinteto (info)
11.10. Bladerunnaz @ Together live stream (info)
11.21. Urbanplayer.hu @ Kocka (info)
11.23. Budapest Jungle pres. Goldie @ Corvinteto (info)
12.06. BBM pres. Wookie @ Corvinteto (info)
12.10. BPJ pres. Rockwel warm-up @ Dzsungel Konyve, Tilos Radio (info)
12.14. Budapest Jungle pres. Rockwell @ Corvinteto (info)
12.21. Different Drum @ Gozsdu Mano Klub (info)
12.31. Bladerunnaz NYE \w BSE, John B @ Durlin (info)

Mix ’n match – No #2 Mentalien special mix for Rebellive

Wow, I've completely forgot to talk about this really interesting project on my blog... I was asked by the Hungarian fashion-blog, called Rebellive, to be a model for their next photo shooting! Sounds completely insane, right? But the concept behind this project is quite interesting and complex actually. They are trying to bring two different worlds closer to eachother, the music and the fashion scene. To reach their goal, Rebellive started a monthly coloumn, called Mix & Match. I had to record a podcast, while they asked famous Hungarian designers to provide some of their clothing in which I can pose for the Rebellive crew's camera-girl. I've tried to reflect on the style of the photos and on the clothes - especially on the Wonderground pieces - with my music, that's why I've recorded something more "edgy". 

Stream / download the mix:

Click here to check out the photos and a short interview with me in Hungarian. ;)

Jam City - Pink Snow - free
Kingdom - Viper XL - Fade To Mind
Jean Nipon - Put It In The Trunk - ClekClekBoom
Happa - Bring It Back - Church
Untold - Flexible - Brainmath
Terror Danjah & Champion - Stone Island - Hyperdub
Vjuan Allure - Fella Silva Bump - Hot Mom USA
Lil Silva - Venture - white
Walter Ego - Baby Benz - Girls Music
French Fries - Smoke Wine (Goldffinch rmx) - Dirtybird
Randomer - Bring - Hemlock
Robbie Tronco - C.U.N.T. "She's Cunt, She's Pussy" (Straight Faggot Mix) - Henry Street Music
MikeQ & Angel X feat. Jay Karan - Let It All Out - Fade To Mind
Jam City - Worst Illusion - Night Slugs
Beyonce - Run The World Girls (Kito 'Swamp 81 VIP' rmx) - free
Kingdom - Goodies Remix (instrumental) - Fade To Mind
Sully - In Some Pattern - Keysound
Joss Ryan - Drop It - DVA Music
Obey City - Quantum Phase - LuckyMe
Girl Unit - Ensemble (Club mix) - Night Slugs
Sophie - Bipp – Numbers