3K guestmix archive update!

Here is another package of mixes, which were originally aired a few years ago in my radio show, called 3K. This package comes with an exclusive one, because the guestmix from DJ Madd was never able to download after the show! So, for the first time you can listen back his mix, expect some heavy bristol and jump-up vibes instead of dubstep goodness, since it's more than a 4 year old mix from him.;) Next to Madd's set, you can give a listen to the one and only Dispatch camp's boss, TC1, and a b2b session from Impact and myself. Enjoy!

DJ Madd - Guestmix at 3K - Trio Radio 04-12-2005

Adam F - Eightball
Lemon D - Get On Down (Dj Die remix)
>>> Total Science - Kiss Chase
Splittin Atoms - Bone Crusher
Zen - Scorpio (b)
Jubbs - Boneman
>>> Mask - Square Off
Nero - Ragga Puffin
Dj Wildchild - Prescious
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Body Movin
Ganja Kru - Mashup Da Place (Dj Hazard remix)
>>> Eksman - Drive By Car
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Junglist
Distorted Minds - Revolution
>>> Optical & Ryme Time - Ghostbuster
EZ Rollers - Ready 4 Love (Clipz remix)
Zen - Scorpio (a)
Q Project - Sticky Finger (Twisted Individual Remix)
Dj Die - Soundtape
Generation Dub - Mars Attacks
D Product - Written Off
Roni Size - Western
>>> JB & Spice - Me, Myself and I

TC1 - Guestmix at 3K - Trio Radio 20-11-2005

Zinc - Hello (Fierce & Break remix)
DJ Marky & Bungle - No Time To Love
Fierce & Dj Optiv - Surface Noise
Commix - Scarlet
AI & Jenna G - Rising
Logistics - Connect
Break - No Destiny
Dave Angel - Rotation (Marky & Bungle remix)
Visionary - No Love
Stress Level & TC1 - Skanked

Impact b2b Mentalien - Live at 3K - 18-07-2004

high contrast - remember when /hospital/
skc + bratwa - prophecy /soul:r/
john b - without you /hospital/
skc - limelight /encrypted/
artificial intelligence - ever on /soul:r/
d.kay - it's on the way /soul:r/
commix - roots train /hospital/
calibre - highlander /signature/
jaheim - put that woman first (calibre vocal mix) /warner/
mist:i:cal - inside my head /soul:r/
special forces + robert owens - the end (remix) /photek production/
artificial intelligence - won't give up
high contrast - basement track /hospital/
thick dick - insatiable (matrix + danny j remix) /bootleg/
nu:tone - get it on /tangent/
m.i.s.t + high contrast - do it /soul:r/
klute - tacky /commercial suicide/
break - sonic storm /eastside/
total science - star burst /c.i.a./
allied force - gather round /just noyze/
high contrast - made it last night /hospital/
calibre - drowning in you /liquid v/
calibre - drowning in you /liquid v/ - satisfy /critical/
q project - champion sound (generation dub remix) /advanced/
loxy + ink + j.dub - instict /architecture/
beta 2 - sweet as /bassbin/
calibre - mr. maverick /signature/
logistic - together /hospital/
d-bridge + vegas - true romance /metalheadz platinum/
asc feat. intex systems - drum track 2 (the venom...) /offshore/
d-bridge - tradition /exit/
pfm - the western (mike's ricochet remix) /good looking/
j.dub - deep love /architecture/
nu:tone - millie's theme /hospital/
nu:tone - departure lounge /brand nu/
calibre - my chances /signature/
influx uk - ghost people (take my 2004) /formation/
d.kay + dj lee - manipulate the universe /advanced/


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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