Bass, grime, garage and all kinds of mid-tempo awesomeness from Defcon J and myself

The first Dzsungel Konyve show in March was an unusual one. You might already know, that this show is focusing mainly on dnb and jungle, but on this evening we (almost) completely neglected these genres. Both the show's guest, Defcon J, and myself were doing a freestyle selection of our current fav mid-tempo tunes, coming from genres like garage, grime, bass music and many others. I think selection-wise both sets turned out to be great, but we both agreed with Defcon J that we weren't on top of our mixing skill-game that night. However, this fact shouldn't stop you pushing the play button down there, I promise the mixes aren't THAT bad. ;)

Defcon J + Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2018.03.06.
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Henry Wu ft. Hardhouse Banton - Deep In Mudd - Eglo
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) - Ninja Tune
KG - Midnight (Flute Riddim) - Goon Club Allstars
Dengue Dengue Dengue - Son De Los Diablos - Enchufada
P Jam - Pepper Pot - Hardrive
Kingdom ft. SZA - What Is Love - Fade To Mind
FKA Twigs - In Time - Young Turks
Zomby - Horizon - Modern Love
Lokane ft. Dai Burger - Blocked - Nervous Horizon
TSVI ft. Wallwork - Jaguar - Nervous Horizon
Don Froth - Joint Loose - WNCL
Neana - Neans Anthem - Night Slugs
DJ Clouds - United Booty - Dr Banana
Textasy - I'm The Needle - Craigie Knowe
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Diemantle Raveyard mix) - white
T.Williams - MF - Today, Tomorrow Records
Helix - Disko Chop - Night Slugs
Riffs - The Back - Colour Blind
Lemzly Dale - No Long Talk (Kahn & Neek rmx) - Sector 7
Kingdom ft. SZA - Down 4 Whatever (Kingdom's VIP Chop) - Fade To Mind

Defcon J

Octavian - Party Here (Octavian)
Kode9 - Uh (Rinse)
Murlo - Wind Me Up (Butterz)
Royal T - Without U (Royal-T Music)
W├Âlfe - Do Me Right (white)
Raven - Is It Real (Hype Music)
Smith & Mighty / Rob Smith - B Line Fi Blo (Punch Drunk)
Burial - Rival Dealer (Hyperdub)
Inner - Crystal Ember (Signal Life)
Blackwax - Faded Hearing (Circadian Rhythms)
Pixelord - Berlin2 (Repost Network)
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami (Tresor Records)
Filthy Gears - Auto Crud (Filthy Gears)
Acen - Androids Who Dream (Unreal Recordings)
Dark0 - Fuschia (Rinse)
Harlem Spartans - Call Me A Spartan (Harlem Spartans)
Muttley - Make Me (Kareful Remix) (Pear Drops)
Dark0 - Flutter Failure (FOREVERZERO)
20-4 x Drax - Square Root (1Forty)
Mr. Carmack - Beyonce (Soundcloud)
Loneliness - ZX3 (Yung LDN)
Nathan Fake - RVK feat. Raphaelle (Ninja Tune)
rAHHH - Dog Days (Gobstopper)


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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