Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.10.17.

This week's Dzsungel Konyve show was an irregular one, as I happened to be alone in the studio. I had two hours to showcase my current faves in drum&bass, naturally I've tried to fit in a bit of everything, from soulful dnb and experimental tunes to jungle and techier, harder rollers. You can hear two bits from the new FD EP (Ice Cream is a huge fave of mine!), a nice halftime gem from Shigeto's LP, fresh S.P.Y and Alix Perez rollers and some serious jungle songs from Detboi, Sully and Special Request, plus many more... Check the tracklist below!

Don't forget to tune in every second Tuesday from 10 PM CET till midnight to Tilos Radio's Dzsungel Konyve show, hosted by DJ Ren and myself!

Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.10.17.

Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.10.17.


FD - Ice Cream - The North Quarter
Phase 2 - End Of May - Flight Pattern
Random Movement ft. T.R.A.C. & Adrienne Richards - Step Tune - V Recordings
Calibre ft. DRS - This Ain't Love - Soul:R
Mcleod & Symptom - Just The Way - Innerground
Break ft. MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss - Wa Are The People - Symmetry
GLXY ft. Belle Humble - Lonely (FD's Rollout Mix) - Soulvent
Mark System - 600K - Exit
S.P.Y - Hardcore Harry - Hospital
Dirtbag - Warlock - Innerground
Dub Elements - Like That - Shogun Audio
Nu Elementz - Respect - Sweet Tooth
Ed:It ft. Lady Soul - Wander Away - Shogun Audio
Gamma - Nomadic - Dispatch
Halogenix - Jump Suit - 1985
Satl - Jamaican Dub - Shogun Audio
DBridge ft. Cooly G, Kabuki & Kid Drama - My Love - Exit
Shigeto ft. Silas Green - Don't Trip - Ghostly International
Zed Bias ft. DRS - Lost Souls - Exit
Beastie Respond - Downloaded 4 R. D4Wkins - Foul-Up
Lewis James ft. DanDansK - Your Love Is A Power - Astrophonica
Sully - X Plus Y - Keysound
Special Request - Leviathan - Houndstooth
Detboi - Secret Venom - Metalheadz
Revert Project - Vivid - Jedi
Idealz - Run The Tune - Kniteforce
Mukiyare & Miv - No More Standing - Influenza Media
Jonny L - Welcome - Soul In Motion
Alix Perez - Blips - 1985
T>I - All I Do - Mac 2
FD & Lenzman - Baby Blue - The North Quarter
Andrezz - Sweet Summer Swing - LuvDisaster
Gregory Porter - Holding On (Velocity bootleg) - free
Children Of Zeus - Smoke With Me - First Word


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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