My gigs in 2015

Looking through the list of my gigs in 2015 makes me realise how great this year was for me musically. Unexpectedly I was invited to play drum&bass in Slovakia two times (!), both gigs in Kosice and Bratislava were a great experience, and my first two gigs in this country actually. I was lucky enough to play my favorite music alongside artists like DJ Marky, Marcus Intalex, DRS, Technimatic, Eton Messy, Seba, London Elektricity, Dynamite MC, etc. Got to mention the Friday afternoons at A38 ship, those gigs were the highlights of my summer for sure. I was really happy that I was able to play proper garage sets at Balaton Sound and Instant as well. Big ups to everyone who helped to turn my year as awesome as it was! : )

01.13. DJ Ren b2b Mentalien (Marcus Intalex warm-up) @ Tilos (info)
02.02. Easy Lovin' \w Slanki @ Telep (info)
02.07. BLZ 16th Bday \w Marcus Intalex + DRS @ Tesla (info)
02.13. Room8 Season Opening @ Room8 (info)
02.14. Different Drum special \w DJ Marky @ Room8 (info)
03.14. Different Drum \w Technimatic @ Room8 (info)
04.16. Different Drum @ Lärm (info)
04.21. Friday warm-up \w DJ Ren @ Tilos Radio (info)
04.25. Volt + BLZ pres. Wilkinson @ Akvarium (info)
05.01. Friday Season Opening @ A38 (info)
05.08. Friday @ A38 (info)
05.16. Monkey6 \w Eton Messy @ Tesla (info)
06.05. Friday @ A38 (info)
06.26. Friday (DJ Ren bday) @ A38 (info)
07.03. Liquidity @ Kosice, Slovakia (info)
07.12. Balaton Sound (dnb + uk garage sets) @ Zamardi (info)
07.24. Friday @ A38 (info)
07.25. Bladerunnaz BBQ @ Durer Kert (info)
07.31. Friday (Mentalien's Bday Special) @ A38 (info)
08.15. Sziget Festival, Meex Stage @ Budapest (info)
08.21. Friday @ A38 (info)
08.22. B My Lake Festival @ Zamardi (info)
08.28. Friday @ A38 (info)
10.03. Dream:On \w Seba, Hybrid Minds, Kove @ Prlmnt (info)
10.17. You&K UK Garage Night @ Instant (info)
11.13. You&K UK Garage Night @ Instant (info)
11.14. Hospitality \w London Elektricity, Dynamite MC, Metrik @ Prlmnt (info)
11.27. Bladerunnaz Night @ Gazfroccs, Sopron (info)
11.28. Monkey6 Night @ Volt Bar, Akvarium (info)
12.05. Bike N Nite @ Ankert (info)
12.19. Basshaze @ Club Dole, Bratislava (SK) (info)


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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