Bladerunnaz Tubecast 004 - Mentalien

The Bladerunnaz-guys asked me to record the next episode of their 'Tubecast', which is a mix-series published on youtube with great visuals to watch. It's not a new thing, but I love the idea, that a mix is accompanied with nice visuals, so I gladly accepted the "invitation". I wasn't really trying to select strictly fresh dnb releases, I just browsed through the music I purchased in the past one year and picked a few rollers that will make you wanna dance and mixed them up with some summery, vocal liquid funk tunes. I kinde like the flow and double-drops in the mix, but I'm really curious how you like it, so let me know! PS.: The visuals were created by Spec VJ Worx, thanks for that!

Bladerunnaz Tubecast 004 - Mentalien

Hybrid Minds feat. Philippa Hanna - Forest (Total Science rmx) - Spearhead
Mark System - Pursuit - Exit
A Sides, Regina & MC Fats - What You Don't Know (Total Science rmx) - U Understand Me Music
Ivy Lab - Forex - Critical
D-Bridge - True Romance VIP - Exit vs Metalheadz
S.P.Y - Step & Flow - Hospital
Enei feat. DRS - Count To Ten VIP - Soul:R
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Onionz - Bunit
FD - Ice 690 - Soul:R
Ed Rush & Optical - Naked Lunch - V Recordings
Ulterior Motive - Sideways - Metalheadz
Marcus Intalex feat. DRS, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy - Bun Ya Too - Soul:R
Digital - Deadline (Dub Phizix rmx) - Function
Zed Bias feat. Simba & Fox - Something About This (Nu:Tone rmx) - Hospital
Lenzman feat. Kevin King - Starz - Metalheadz
Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile (El Train rmx) - Critical



"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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