Mentalien - North Pole (new bass music mix up!)

To be honest with you, the garage-inspired house sound, which is dominating the bass music scene nowadays, is a bit too much for me. There are many great productions, obviously, but there are way too much cheap copies as well. Don't get me wrong, I love this sound, but if you eat the same thing every day, after a time you get sick of it, so it's better to give it a little pause and go other directions. Yesterday I did a one hour ustream-session and mixed up some great tunes, which are mostly, influenced by techno, and/or have a heavy drum programming. It was really liberating to mix these raw beats instead of the warm basslines, nice vocals and melodies. So at the end of the mixing session I thought this is something I should share, just to show something different, something I rarely do nowadays. Some mixings are just as raw as the tunes themselves, sorry for that, let's concentrate on the flow of the mix instead, hehe. Enjoy!

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Paul Woolford - Let It Go (Komonazmuk & Appleblim rmx) - Intimacy
Boddika & Joy Orbison - &Fate - Nonplus
South London Ordnance - Pacific - Well Rounded
Nautiluss - Zero Gravity - 3024
>> MikeQ feat. Kevin JZ Prodigy - Feels Like - Fade To Mind
Randomer - Lost Everything - Super
Happa - Bring It Back - Church
Boddika - Soul What (Mickey Pearce rmx) - Swamp 81
T.Williams - Go In - Local Action
Parris Mitchell feat. Shinoby - Bounce - Wicked Bass
Lil Silva - Venture - white
Kingdom - Fukin Jaker - Fade To Mind
Crue - Untitled B (Crue 3) - white
WK7 - Do It Yourself - Power house
Joy Orbison - Big Room Tech House DJ Tool - TIP! - Nonplus
Helix - Stacks Riddim - All Caps
Shadow Child & horx feat. TK Wonder - Border Town - Apollo


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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