Warming up for BBM pres. Roska - Part 2

Unexpectedly I was back again in Tilos Radio / Dzsungel Konyve last night, to continue the warm-up session for the Roska event. I selected more vocal and party tunes this time, probably you will hear something very similar this friday if you come to Corvinteto. The set won't be available on my usual channels as the last week's mix, but if you missed the live show, you can stream it on your player. Just click on the link below, the mix will start at 7:15 in the first part, and ends around the same time in part 3 (sorry for the shitty house tune in the beginning, it wasn't me, promise :) ).

LISTEN >> Mentalien - Live at Tilos Radio 18-10-2011

Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend (Breach rmx) - Strictly Rhythm
Lil Silva - Pulse vs. Flex - Soul Jazz
Geeneus feat. Katy B - Why You Always Here - Rinse
Jamie George - Flying Saucer (Roska rmx) - Roska Kicks & Snares
Funkystepz - Shocker - Forever Live Young
Champion - Motherboard - Hardrive
Swindle feat. Roses Gabor - Spend Is Dough (Roska & Swindle rmx) - Swindle
Breach - Fatherless - PTN
Randomer - Zabu - Tru Thoughts
TNT - Hot Gyal - T&A
Roska - Squark - Rinse
Toddla T feat. Ms. Dynamite - Want U Now - Ninja Tune
Baobinga - Ride It (Untold rmx) - Build
Canblaster - Stoned Totem - Marble
24Hour Experience - Mantra - Nice'N'Ripe
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood 09 - Biasphere
Mosca - Done Me Wrong - Numbers
Katy B - Lights On (Gigamesh rmx) - free / Rinse


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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