Highly recommended drum&bass sets from the past few months!

Since my last update on this page regarding mixing dnb, we ran a quite a lot of shows with DJ Ren on Tilos Radio. I thought flooding you with a dozen of Dzsungel Könyve mixes might not be the best idea, instead of that I'm going to try and pick the best ones, or at least my personal faves. Below you'll find two regular shows with a 1-hour drum&bass/jungle set from me (in the first hour of the show), with fantastic tunes made by producers like Think Tonk, FD, Random Movement, Future Cut, Zed Bias, Fixate, Serum, Imran Graffiti and Submorphics. Then there is our special Christmas madness with lots of guests and random music - those were fun times!

Check out Tilos Radio's Dzsungel Könyve show, hosted by DJ Ren and myself every second Tuesday from 10 PM CET till midnight!

Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.11.14 (my mix runs in the first hour)


Think Tonk - Ride On - V
FD ft. Fox - Always Something - The North Quarter
The Vanguard Project - Twice As Nice - Fokuz
Satl & Anthony Kasper - Sit Down - Fokuz
Random Movement & Jaybee - Starving For Gold - Flight Pattern
Keeno ft. Abbie Rose - Is This The Way? - Med School
FD - Ice Cream - The North Quarter
T.R.A.C. ft. Random Movement & Adrienne Richards - Step Tune - V
Dawn Raid - Four Shots - Ruffneck Ting
Will Miles - Whoop! VIP - Elm Imprint
S.P.Y - Dominator Mode - Hospital
Future Cut - Whiplash VIP - Future Cut
Lewis James ft. DanDansK - Your Love Is A Power - Astrophonica
Dexta & Crypticz - Together - Diffrent
Treega - Fly On Man - The Dreamers
Dead Man's Chest - High Noon in Cotham - Western Lore
Zed Bias ft. Harleigh Blu - He Loves Me - Exit

Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2018.01.23. (my mix runs in the first hour)


Shadow Child - Ooh Tune (Coco Bryce Drops a Beat Extended mix) - Machinist
Fixate & Dismantle - Firewater - Exit
Gus Pirelli ft Andre Espeut - Meet In The Middle (Fracture remix) - Gutterfunk
Tide - Clapper - Locked Concept
John Rolodex - Bonebender - Machinist
Serum - Who Jah Bless (Sam Binga's Lofi Lashout remix) - Critical
Alix Perez & Fracture - Archetype - 1985
Skream - Wobble That Gut (DJ Madd 160 version) - Free
Remarc - Bad Man Tune - Dollar
T.R.A.C. ft Serum & Dynamite MC - Late Night Connection - V
Imran Graffiti - Sleep Talk - Inner City Dance
Obeisant - Twin - Locked Concept
Theory - Apache Warrior - Skeleton
Edlan - Inhale - Fokuz
Remarc - Soundmurderer (Bladerunner relick) - Dollar
Future Cut - Dominator - Future Cut
Enei & Kasra ft Jakes - Transmitter - Critical
Submorphics, Satl & T.R.A.C. - Whatchudu - The North Quarter

Rentalien & Friends - Xmas + Best Of 2017 at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.12.12


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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