Mentalien - 160170MIX Vol. 2+3

My new series, called 160170MIX is back with not one, but two new sets! I've been racking my brain about the sequel since I came out with the first episode, but it took a lot of time for me to start working on it for various personal reasons. About two months ago I started to figure out what tunes I'd like to put in the new mix, over time I added more and more great songs and realised this whole process grew out to be a kind of big project. This is where I decided to do something unusual: I recorded two mixes the same day and I'm releasing them on the same day. Just like the first episode of the series, the sequels are focusing on the experimental side of drum&bass, where the boundaries are completely blurred, genres become just a tempo and anything can happen. There are a lot of similarities in the two mixes, most of the tunes are influenced by juke, footwork, jungle, hip-hop, grime and funk, but I'd say Volume 2 is a mix where the mellow vibes dominate, while Volume 3 is the one where things get a bit more darker.  The mixes are featuring big favorites of mine, released mostly in the past few weeks and months, from artists like Richie Brains (aka Alix Perez, Stray, Chimpo, Fracture, OM Unit, Sam Binga and Fixate), Zed Bias, Sully, D-Bridge, Skeptical, J:Kenzo, etc.

To bring back a bit of mistery, I won't add a tracklist this time. If you read D-Bridge's blog post about tracklists, you'll understand why I do this (if not, click here to read it now). I strongly agree with his thoughts, but I don't want be mean, so it's completely okay to ask for IDs, or you can try to use Shazam alternatively. ;)

Mentalien - 160170MIX Vol. 2

Mentalien - 160170MIX Vol. 3

I'm dedicating this project to my love, my partner, my best friend and my biggest fan, Laci. RIP, miss you a lot. 


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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