DJ Ren + Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.09.19.

We gave a theme to this show with DJ Ren, which was SEX! Both of us tried to play a couple of dnb and jungle tunes which are focusing on sex (or love), and it was quite a tough task to do. There aren't many tunes in this scene, which can be connected to this topic. Come on dnb producers, let's get more sexual!

DJ Ren + Mentalien at Dzsungel Konyve 2017.09.19.


Zero T ft. MC Conrad - Morning Sex - C.I.A.
BSN Posse - About U - Modern Ruin
Chimpo - 1996 - Box N Lock
The Vanguard Project - Twice As Nice - Fokuz
DJ Madd - Square Crabz - Roots & Future
Machinedrum - Back Seat Ho (Rustie rmx) - Ninja Tune
Tim Reaper - The 4th - Mettasonic
The Vanguard Project - U Mk Me Feel - Spearhead
Mr Joseph - Untouchable Funk - Fizzy Beats
McLeod & Symptom - Just The Way - Innerground
Total Science - Good Inside - C.I.A.
Will Miles - Whoop VIP - Elm Imprint
T>I & Release - Don't Stop - Natty Dub
Lil' Louis - French Kiss (Silver bootleg) - white
Gerra & Stone - Control Information - Dispatch
2N - Seagull - Innerground
Flat T - The Warmth - Mac 2


"I came to hear the band today, I ain't thinkin' 'bout u."

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